Top 10 ESL Warm-Up Games and Activities for Adults

ESL warm-up games

Warmer Activities for Adults

Are you looking to get your ESL classes with teenagers or adults started off on the right foot? Well, you’ve come to just the right place as I have my top 10 ESL warm-up games and activities for you. You want to make your classes even more awesome, right? I hope so. Use some of these ESL warm-ups!

Top 10 ESL Warm-Up Games

An Idiom a Day– If you teach something like American culture, or “speaking,” try out this idiom activity. It’s something that you can do throughout the course of a semester and most students really enjoy it.

Conversation Starters for Adults– At times, I’ve used an interesting question of the day to get my classes started. Here are 10 of them to get you going. I don’t do it anymore because I’m perhaps too lazy to think of questions.

Mixed-Up Sentences– Teaching and learning grammar doesn’t have to be the most tedious thing ever. Use something like this mixed-up sentence activity and make it slightly better than the mind-numbing stuff from your textbook.

Proof-Reading– Similar to mixed-up sentences, this gets students focusing on something that is really boring and tedious, in a less tedious way. See: Proof-reading and editing activity for more details.

SOS Review Game– Remember the SOS game from when you were a kid? I’ve turned it into a fun review game for ESL students. It works with just about any topic that you can think of. This is definitely one of my favourite ESL warm-up games.

Would You Rather- Some of my favourite ESL games are adapted from drinking games into something slightly tamer. Would you rather is a good one, especially for a warmer activity for adults.

Famous People to Invite to a PartyThis ESL speaking activity makes an excellent warm-up for the “famous people” unit that inevitably appears in every single ESL textbook ever published.

ESL Warm-Up Questions– They’re even better because they’re student centered and you won’t have to use too much of your creative power. More details about student-generated awesome here.

The Monster Pack-Trivia for ESL Students- These days, I’m all about using trivia as a fun, quick warm-up in my classes. Maybe I’m just lazy and apathetic, but it’s like so, so, so easy just to take some stuff from here and put it into my PPTs. The students actually seem to like it so it’s a win for everyone. It’s not mine, but it’s ESL awesome and gets 2 thumbs up from Jackie. Buy the Monster pack here. Seriously, it’s the best thing you’re going to do all week. Trust me. I have no lesson planning power left and this for sure makes my life a lot easier.

The Cocktail Party– This small talk ESL activity is perfect to get your student practicing an important, but often overlooked skill. What’s that skill you might ask yourself? Small-talk of course! If you’re looking for warmer activities for adults, look no further than the Cocktail Party.

Don’t forget! Even more ESL warm-up games and activities in this book: 39 ESL Warm-Ups: For Teenagers and Adults. It’s going to make your lesson planning go even faster, trust me.

Like these Top 10 ESL Warm-Up Games and Activities for Adults?

ESL Warm-Ups for Teenagers and Adults


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