Top 10 ESL Speaking Activities for Adults

P.P. + Simple Past survey for ESL students

Need some ESL Conversation Activities for Adults Awesome in your Life?

I know that my readers are all about the ESL teaching awesome and want to make their classes as interactive, engaging and fun as possible. Who wouldn’t? And I also know that you’re busy doing a ton of stuff and probably don’t have as much time to plan your lessons as you might like. Jackie is here to help you with these top 10 ESL speaking activities for adults, all things that I use in my own university classes in South Korea. Most of them can be used for just about any topic, so just adapt and go. Venture outside the world of the textbook, you know?  It’s good for your mental health and your students will probably be happier too!

Top 10 ESL Speaking Activities for Adults

Running Dictation– This is the ultimate game to get some energy flowing into your class. Even the quietest, most low-level classes will enjoy this one. The only pre-requisite is that your students are able to read reasonably well, which is definitely the case for all university students in Korea.

Just a Minute- A fun one to encourage your students to just “talk” and not worry so much about using perfect grammar. Not great for really low-level students though. Just a Minute is definitely one of my favourite ESL speaking activities for adults!

Small Talk ESL Game– Small talk is an extremely important, but oft neglected skill. Practice it in a really fun way with this challenging game. This small talk activity is one of the best ESL conversation activities for adults.

Role Plays- These are often a staple in ESL classrooms, especially for beginners and for good reason. Here is some advice about how to set them up and do them well.

Surveys for ESL Students– If I were going to a deserted island with my students and could only bring one ESL activity with me, this would be it. I LOVE surveys and use them all the time in my classes. Here are 6 of them for you! If you’re looking for ESL conversation activities for adults, look no further!

ESL Board Games Okay, so I kind of lied about the previous thing. I’d likely bring a board game to my deserted island with my students instead of a survey. Ideally, I’d bring both because I use them both all the time.

Vocabulary Review Game– Learning vocab is all the repetition. Seriously. It’s all about the repetition. Help out your students with this fun review game.

Partner Conversation Starters- Get your students up out of their seats and talking!

Rocks-Scissor-Paper Really low-level students? This is a good one for you. I guarantee that even the lowest of the low level will be able to “get” it.

20 Questions I love it. You love it. We all love it, even ESL students. Try out this fun ESL activity for adults in your classes today!

Did you like these ESL Speaking Activities for Adults?

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