Renewable Energy Lesson Plan for ESL Students: For Intermediate-Advanced

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Renewable energy lesson plan for ESL students

Do you teach advanced level students and are looking for a lesson plan that’s work for them? Perhaps you teach a 3-4 hour class are feeling kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing. What exactly do you do for that large amount of time anyway? Won’t the students just be really bored?

If you’ve said these things to yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out this lesson plan I put together for intermediate to advanced level students on renewable energy. The good news is that you can adapt it for a huge variety of situations. It also works for students in almost any country around the world and suits itself to a 1-4 hour lesson.

ESL Lesson Plan for Advanced Students!

This Renewable Energy Lesson Plan is based upon a Breaking News English article. I’ve used it successfully for numerous classes over the past couple of years for classes ranging from 1.5-4 hours.

Here’s the  Renewable Energy lesson plan PowerPoint, which I used for a 3 hour class. I used the MP3 file on Breaking News English that goes along with the article for a listening exercise and then we also did some reading, discussion and speaking with activities that I designed myself.

You know your students best and what their weaknesses are, along with what they’ll enjoy. Get creative and have some fun expanding upon this base lesson to make things interesting for your students.

The Good News: Not Korea Specific

I have some great news for you, teachers who are not in Korea. The article is not Korea specific and would work in just about any country I think. I could picture it being quite relevant to people in both developing, and developed countries.

What country isn’t talking renewable energy? Am I right? Everyone is and if it’s being talked about where you live, it likely will be soon.

What are the Results with Korean Students?

Korean university students don’t often think that much about environmental issues such as green energy, but it’s actually quite an important issue to be aware of. Not that they weren’t interested when I did this lesson—they generally are. However, it’s just not something on their minds.

Even though I’m “just” an English teacher, I think I  have the potential to change lives and thinking for the better. Expand some minds. Raise some consciousness, you know?

Fossil fuel depletion is a very real thing and the more people aware of this, the better in my opinion. Raise some awareness in your English classes!

Overall, this lesson plan went really well with my students. They were engaged with the topic from start to finish. Best of all, even some very advanced students came across vocabulary they’d never seen before. It made me happy and I considered my job well done. Plus, I enjoyed discussing these issues with them as well.

An Introduction to Renewable Energy

Here’s a short video that you may want to consider showing your students during your class. It would make an excellent introduction to the topic. Of course, give students some questions along with it or a task of some kind.

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What do you Think About this Renewable Energy Lesson Plan?

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