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About Jackie Bolen

You can contact Jackie at: [email protected]

Jackie Bolen taught English in South Korea for just over 10 years. She started working at hagwons (private language institutes) but soon got her first university job.

She began teaching at a science and engineering university in the rice paddies of Chungcheonnam-Do where she worked for 5 years. After that, she moved to Busan where she worked in the English department at one of the largest private universities for almost 4 years before returning to Canada.

She’s also the author of more than 20 books, both for ESL teachers and English learners. You can find them all on Amazon here: Jackie Bolen on Amazon.

In her spare time, she can usually be found¬†on a mountain, surfing a few waves, or riding her bike. She’s also on a mission to find the best Korean supermarket, and the most delicious Korean restaurant in all of Vancouver.

In February 2016, Jackie returned to her home country and now live in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada (a suburb of Vancouver).

If you’re looking for some games and activities for teaching English, then you’ll want to check out her other two websites, ESL Speaking and ESL Activities.

Find Jackie Bolen on Social Media

If you want to find Jackie online, you can check out the following:



ESL Speaking on Facebook

English Teachers Abroad on Facebook

Jackie Bolen on YouTube


Jackie Bolen is a certified English teacher, having done the Cambridge CELTA, as well as the DELTA (modules 1 + 3). You can see the certificates below:

CELTA, Pass (Grade B)


Delta Module 1, Pass with Distinction

Cambridge-DELTA-English-teaching certifcate

Delta Module 3, Pass with Merit



During her time in South Korea, Jackie Bolen was an active member of KOTESOL, holding various leadership positions within the Busan-Gyeongnam chapter (webmaster, secretary, vice-president).

She also presented on various topics at local chapter meetings, as well as the national and international KOTESOL conferences. Here are just a few of them:

How to Teach Speaking: Korea TESOL International Conference 2015


Motivation, Rewards Systems that Actually Work: KOTESOL International Conference 2011


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  1. Amanda

    Are there any chances as a foreign, adopted korean single mother to get a teacher job in Korea?
    Even though she has academic master degrees and working experiences?
    I’m just curious because I know how predjudice koreans still are towards unmarried woman but would love to move back- my motherland.
    Thank you,
    I will buy your book-interesting!
    / Amanda from Sweden

    1. admin

      It all depends on your passport. If it’s from Sweden-no. But, you could possibly get an ethnic Korean visa and then it could work. But, it will be really difficult to be here alone with a young child I would think.

  2. Amanda

    * excperiences.
    I am not educated yet still young with my baby, but thinking of becoming a teacher and educate myself at Stockholm university and at the same time a master in the English language/litterature, IF i have any chances of being accepted in Korea. If you think my chances are low as a single mother (with educations in my back, i’ll be probably be around 28 years old when the exams are finished) i should propably quit my dreams if you think it’s impossible/hard.

  3. DHK

    Korean adoptees qualify for the F-4 visa, so while the single mother could move to Korea and stay there legally, she’d find it very tough to find teaching work since she’s not from an English-speaking country.

  4. Portly

    wow public censure would be heavy on you as an unwed mom. If you did come you might want to say your husband died in a sweedish treehouse accident. Seriously, as a rule they would look down on you- Koreans do not like to adopt either. It goes with this ideal family unit vision. I think the childcare thing would be easy to solve- there are tons of kid-care cram-schools make-my-babe-a-genius businesses in Korea. But, you would be paying them to do that. You would want an F-4 anyway cuz then your job and visa would not be linked. For fat western teachers like me E-2 – job = I must Leave in 10-60 days…

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