Study Tips to Learn English Faster: Become Fluent Quickly and Easily

Study Tips to Help you Improve your English Skills

There are many reasons why you might want to improve your English skills. Perhaps it’s to get the job of your dreams where being fluent in English is a necessity. Perhaps you want to travel abroad for a vacation, or to study at an English speaking university. Maybe you want to watch movies or TV shows in English without the subtitles, or make some friends from different countries. Whatever the case, Study Tips to Learn English Faster will help you get there!

About the Authors

The authors, Jackie Bolen and Jennifer Booker Smith have almost 30 years of teaching experience. In this book, they’ve organized the advice they’ve given to their students about how to improve their English skills into one single book. The more than 200 tips for improving English skills range from speaking, listening, reading, and writing, to test-taking tips, conversational skills, having fun with English, and some general tips for learning any language.

Stay Motivated With these Study Tips

If you want to get a better job, be able to converse freely when traveling abroad, or make some English speaking friends, then you’ll need to pick up your copy of Study Tips to Learn English Faster: Become Fluent Quickly and Easily today. Do you want to stay motivated and keep improving your English skills every single day? This book will help you do that!

Get the Book on Amazon

Are you struggling with English and need some fresh, new ideas for improving your skills? Then head over to Amazon and get your copy today. It’ll be the best few dollars you’ve spent all year.

The book is available in both digital and print formats. The (cheaper!) digital copy can be read on any device-Smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac. You just have to download the free Kindle reading app.

Check out the book for yourself on Amazon today and get ready for some English awesome in your future:




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