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Need a Language Partner? Here’s How to Find One

An equally motivated language partner is a great way to improve your English skills. The key is to find someone who is as motivated as you are! This probably is not your best friend or boyfriend, so cast your search wider for a language exchange partner.

It’s best if you find a partner that does NOT speak your first language so you won’t be tempted to chit-chat the whole time! If you do find someone who speaks your first language, make a rule about how much of that language you’ll speak during your time together (maybe only 5% or less?).

Consider an Online Language Partner

If you can’t find a language partner in your area, consider finding one online. A site that I recommend is The Mixxer. The BBC lessons with discussion questions for you and your partner are excellent. It’s most useful if you’re looking to improve your reading and writing skills.

Easy Language Exchange is also another good one that you can check out.

Another, My Language Exchange, allows you to browse by location or target language. You can chat by voice, text, or email, and there are lesson plans available, if you need them. For voice or text sessions, the first half of the period is in one language and the second half in the other.

What about a Language Exchange on your Phone?


If you would rather use your phone than your computer to study with a language partner, there are apps for that! Tandem has over 1,000,000 users and 15 million monthly chats. There are lots of active users at this site.

HelloTalk has similar functions as Tandem, but also allows you to call your language partner (for free) for better sound quality.

Busuu: Excellent for Beginners


Busuu is available as an app and online. If you use the online version, you can record yourself reading the dialogues and listen to the playback. With the Premium membership, you can submit it to the community for evaluation.

If you’re not a beginner, the exercises will be a bit basic for you. However, if you don’t have regular access to a native speaker or can’t afford to hire one, this is a good alternative. It’s not free, but at the time of writing, only costs €70 per year, which is much cheaper than a tutor!

Like this Tip about Finding a Language Partner?

If you found this tip about how to find a language exchange partner, then you’ll need to check out this book on Amazon: Study Tips to Learn English Faster: Become Fluent Quickly and EasilyThis tip about finding a language partner is directly from that book!

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