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ESL Resume Tips

Are you looking for some tips and tricks for that ESL resume? Then you’re most certainly in the right place. Keep on reading for all the details you need to know to help you get that next teaching job.

Get the Basics Right for your ESL Teaching Resume

Over the years, quite a few people have asked me to have a quick look at their resumes when they were in the process of applying for ESL jobs. In many cases, it was hard for me to really give meaningful feedback because  they didn’t really even have the basics figured out.

My hope is that this post will help people get the easy stuff figured out so they can focus their efforts on the more advanced level stuff.

Top 5 ESL Resume Tips for Beginners

1. 1 page!
Nobody wants to read more than this, trust me, especially when the person screening your application likely doesn’t speak English as their first language. Over the years, I’ve seen some horrifying 3-4 pagers. English teaching ain’t rocket science, you know?

2. Relevant things only
Nobody cares what your BA was in if it’s not something directly related to English, TESOL or education. Sure, you need to mention it but like listing that class you took in forestry management? That falls under the category of irrelevant. This also applies to job experience. Only list things related to teaching, or working with children if you’re applying for a job with children.

3.  Don’t list references
This is a big waste of space and it’s assumed that you’ll have these, so just leave them off. It’s not even necessary to say something like, “References available upon request.” Anyone interviewing you will assume this, if the job ad doesn’t already explicitly mention reference letters.

4. Don’t mention the obvious
An example of something totally obvious is that you know how to use a computer or the Internet. Doesn’t everybody these days? Or, that you like children if you’re applying for a job with children. That much is kind of assumed.

5. The picture
Get one professionally done! This is the most important thing, especially in Korea so it’s really worth the 20 bucks it’s going to cost to go to a real photographer. Of course, you should put on a suit and tie, wear some make-up, groom your hair, etc. Look your best!

Check out this short video about not putting the irrelevant stuff on your resume:

What about the Cover Letter?

It’s covered on this post of mine at Profs Abroad: Cover Letter Tips for ESL Teachers.

Need a Sample Resume Template?

University Jobs Teaching English in South Korea
University Job in South Korea

For even more tips about your ESL resume and a sample template, be sure to check out How to Get a University Job in South Korea on Amazon. If you’re looking for a university job in Korea, it’s going to be the best $2.99 you’ve spent all year.

The book is available in both print and digital formats. The (cheaper) digital copy can be read on any device by downloading the free Kindle reading app.

Yes, it really is that easy to have all the insider information you need to help you get that teaching job of your dreams.

5 months paid vacation sounds pretty awesome, right? It is. I certainly took full advantage of it for the 10 years I spent working in Korean universities.

Does it sound like exactly what you need? Check out the book for yourself over on Amazon:

Have your Say about Resume Tips for ESL Teachers

Do you have any tips or tricks that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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