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ESL Job Sites

So, you think you want to be an ESL teacher? You’ve made an…interesting choice to say the least. Get ready for a life that is far from the ordinary. Now, it’s time to find yourself a job. Here are my top 5 ESL job sites that you can use to get started on your search for awesome.

ESL Cafe

Now, we all know that ESL Cafe hasn’t been updated in like 20 years and it’s not even mobile-friendly (shocking, isn’t it?) but it is still the biggest site out there for ESL jobs, so you’d be crazy to ignore it. Just power through and ignore how ridiculously un-user-friendly it is. Once you find your job, you won’t have to go back anymore!

ESL 101

I ran across ESL 101 a few months ago and was impressed. It’s like they have a lot of the same jobs that ESL Cafe has, but it’s far, far, far more user-friendly. You can actually search by age group! By salary! By country! Yes, it really is no lie my readers. While you’re at it, you can check out a few of my blog articles, or talk to me on the forums. I really do like the site that much that I’ve become an active user! I know. Me, posting, somewhere on a site that is not my own. Strangee, as they say in Korea.

Profs Abroad

If you’re in the market for a university job teaching English, then Profs Abroad is the site for you. It is a pay-site, but a small fee will get you access to plenty of awesome. Seriously, this site compiles all the jobs from random places around the web into one place and will save you a ton of time. I would even venture a wager and say it’ll save you 100 hours on your next uni job search. Isn’t your time worth something?


Footprints is a Canadian based recruiter that actually has quite a stellar reputation, unlike many of the other ones out there who are just plain sketchy. If you’re a newbie looking to get into the ESL teaching game, you’d do well to get a job through them.


Similar to Footprints, TeachAway is a non-sketchy recruiter. If you’re looking for your first English teaching job abroad, they’ll probably do a pretty good job of finding you something that is not terrible. Then, use that year to wise up and learn everything you can, as well as network so you can find yourself something even more awesome for your second year.

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You can learn more about these prime English teaching jobs here:

Final Tips for ESL Job Sites

If you’re looking for a job teaching English abroad, start with these top 5 ESL job sites and you’ll do well. But, be sure to hedge your bets and don’t go all in with any single recruiter or school. Keep some options open and things will work out way better for you. Most of all: beware those sketchy recruiters who make you send them originals of all your documents before even giving you a job offer. They’re just holding you hostage! Place like Footprints or TeachAway won’t make you do this.

Good luck and may the Dave Sperling force be with you.

What do you Think? 

Where are the best places to look these days for an English teaching job? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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