ESL Speaking Activity: Just a Minute

ESL Speaking Activity: Just a Minute


If you’re looking for some new ideas for the classroom, check out the video below where I talk about my favourite ESL speaking activity, Just a Minute. I loosely based it on a classic Toastmaster’s activity, Table Talk.

The idea is that you get a certain topic and have to just talk about it for a certain length of time without stopping. Instead of playing together with everyone in my big classes, I put the students into groups of four in order to make it way more student-centred. Anyway, check out the video for more details on how to use this activity in your own classes:

ESL Speaking: Games, Activities, and Resources

If you’re looking for even more ideas for your classroom, then you can also check out ESL Speaking: Games, Activities and Resources.┬áThis website is devoted to getting your ESL students talking, having fun and learning English without even realizing it. The best thing about it is that your lesson planning will be so much easier. Just go to this site, select “Kids” or “Adults” and “Games,” or “Activities” and you’ll find a ton of stuff that you can actually use in your classes. Stop wading around through all the junk on the Internet.

If you’re looking for some ideas for an ESL speaking textbook, also check out ESL Speaking, where I review my favourites for kids as well as adults. There’s so much junk out there in the ESL speaking textbook world, and I want to help you avoid them if at all possible!

ESL Activities: Saving YOU Time, Guaranteed

If you’re looking for activities for ESL reading, speaking or listening, then check out ESL Activities: Saving YOU Time, Guaranteed. It’s similar to the website above, except that it doesn’t focus exclusively on speaking. Instead it’s divided by skill as well as activities for adults or kids.

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