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If you’re looking for Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled 121 of them in one place so you can stop wasting your time searching around in Facebook. Happy Facebooking! And, please comment below and tell me if I’ve missed any of the big ones. I’ll add them in and give you credit if you’d like.

Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers Looking for Jobs

The good new is that there are lots of places to look. Facebook groups are becoming the new Dave’s ESL Cafe!

ESL + EFL Industry Jobs

EFL/ESL/TEFL Jobs Wordwide

TEFL ESL Teachings Jobs in Asia

Jobs in Taiwan

ESL Jobs in China and Taiwan

ESL Jobs in China

China ESL Jobs

Hanoi English Teaching Jobs

Jobs in TESOL


Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers Looking for Jobs in South Korea

South Korea is one of the most popular destinations for English teachers. You can learn more about what working there is like.

Job Seekers in Korea

ESL Teaching Jobs in Korea

Jobs in Seoul

Jobs in Bundang

Teaching Jobs in Ulsan

Daegu Jobs

Suwon Job Board

Facebook Groups for Lesson Plans, Activities and Resources

Need some help with lesson plans or games and activities? You are in luck! Check out some of these top picks here.

Resources for ESL/EFL Teachers

Teaching English: Activities, Lessons, etc.

Resources for ESL/EFL Teachers

Resources for English Teachers

ESL Ideas, Activities and Lesson Plans

ESL Games and Activities

Marks English TEFL Classroom

TEFL Lesson Exchange

Free Technology for Teachers

Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers-General

ESL Teachers Abroad

Innovative Teachers of English

TEFL English Teacher’s Network

TEFL Teachers

ESL Teachers

EFL + ESL Industry Network

Teaching English Abroad

International Association of English Teachers

Teach English Abroad Network

Association of Teachers of English

ESL Teachers’ Coffeehouse

All Things EFL, ESL, TESOL

Perfect English Teachers

Global English TESOL

TEFL Network

TEFL English Teachers Wordwide

Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers of Young Learners

ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers


Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers-Further Education


CELTA: Graduates

Cambridge DELTA Forum

Anaheim University TESOL

TESOL Online

International TEFL Academy Alumni

Oxford TEFL Prague

TEFL International Barcelona

U of Birmingham South Korea

Oxford TESOL Dip TESOL Group

Facebook Groups for Professional Development

Teacher Voices: Professional Development

Larry Ferlazzo

Nellie Deutsch

Teaching English-British Council

Facebook Groups for Online ESL Teachers

Online English Teachers

Make a Living Teaching Online

Online English Teaching Jobs (Thailand Based)

Worldwide Learning and Teaching Via Skype

Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers in Korea

Foreign Teachers in Korean Universities

Seoul English Teachers

Korea ESL Teachers

Daegu English Teachers

English Teachers in the Suwon Area

E2 Visa Holders in Korea

Female TESOLers in Korea

Facebook Groups for EPIK and GEPIK Teachers in Korea


EPIK in Andong

Busan EPIK

EPIK Jeju Teachers

Geoje EPIK


GEPIK Lesson Plans

Hwaseong/Osan GEPIK Teachers

Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers, Asia (Except Korea)

Teaching English in Taiwan

Kaohsiung English Teachers

ESL Teachers-Philippines

Community of Friendly Filippino English Teachers

Thailand Foreign English Teachers Network 

Vietnam ESL teachers

TESOL talks Vietnam

English Teachers in Hanoi

How to Teach English in Japan

Teach English in China

English Teachers in China


Foreign English Teachers of Cambodia

Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers in Europe

English Teachers in Spain

TEFL Barcelona

Barcelona TEFL Teachers

English Teachers in Valencia

Teaching English in Italy

TESOL France

Teachers in Czech Republic

TEFL Teachers in Seville

IATEFL Hungary


TEFLers in Greece

TESOL Greece

Cyclades Teachers Hub

TESOL Macedonia


TESOL Ukraine

Montenegrin English Teachers Network

Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers in Central/South America

English Teachers in Colombia

English Teachers in Brazil

Chilean Teachers of English

ELT Peru

English Teachers in Uruguay

Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers in the Middle East

Saudi Arabian Teaching Positions

English Teachers of Egypt

Teaching English in Oman

TESOL, Yemen

Jordan TESOL


And so ends our list of 107 Facebook Groups for ESL Teachers.

Have your Say About these Facebook Groups!

Did I miss any of the big ones? Do you have a favourite one from this list?

Please comment below and let me know.


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  1. There´s another one of my Facebook Groups: ESL/EFL Elementary Teachers and thanks for adding my other group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.
    I have some more that I am a member:
    welcome to English and fun
    Material support for English class
    English Teachers
    English for little kids
    English for Kids
    Ingles Maestros y Profesores
    Inglés para niños
    Inglés para criancas
    Profesores y maestros de lengua extranjera
    Inglés para niños , la forma más divertida
    learning languages with puppets
    Profesoras de Ingles
    Materials for English Teachers
    profes del sur mendocino
    The English teachers in uruguay
    maestras Inglés Infantil
    Teaching English in Jujuy

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