University Jobs in South Korea: Possible from Overseas?

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A reader question about whether it is possible to get university jobs in South Korea from overseas.

The Question: 

“I’m over in the U.S. I have a MA in TESOL, have been teaching 3 years college level, and previous to my States experience 5 years in Bangkok. I have the travel itch again…but am a divorced mama with a 6 year old daughter. Any chance you know of opportunities teaching English in a Korean university? If it were just me, I could pick up some bags and go but it’s not possible-are there any hiring fairs for Korean Unis in the U.S.A?”
My Answer: Not Likely

Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult, veering on impossible to get hired at a Korean University from overseas since there are so many people in Korea with the proper qualifications available for in-person interviews. Uni job in South Korea are not like international school jobs that hold hiring fairs around the world; they simply advertise and then interview locally. It doesn’t really matter what your experience and qualifications are unless you’re available in person. That said, you could try you luck and apply and hope for the best, but it’s likely not going to get you the results that you want (a uni job in Korea!).

All your Questions about Uni Jobs in Korea, Answered

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