University Job in Korea-3 Reader Questions

University Job in Korea- interview, pay, housing

These questions about a university job in Korea from Kerry. He’s moving from an elementary school position.


3 Questions: Interview, money, housing

“Regarding the interview. What kinds of questions should I expect? And what questions should I ask them?

I’m making 2.6 million won a month here teaching 22 hours a week (plus desk warming until 5 pm) and was wondering if the pay/hours at universities would be close.

Typically, do universities in South Korea provide housing?”


The Korean University Interview

For all the details about what you can expect at a university interview in South Korea, check out this book that I wrote: How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams.


Pay at Korean Unis

Typical pay is 2.0-2.5/month for 12-18 hours per week of teaching. You can find better jobs (like my own!) that offer 9-10 hours per week and pay that is closer to 3.0.


Housing/Housing Allowance for Korean Uni Jobs

Universities in Korea usually provide housing. If they don’t, they’ll offer you a housing allowance of 300,000-600,000 Won per month but you’ll usually be responsible for the key (deposit) money yourself.


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    Hello Mr. Bollen!
    I think how you arrange all your work is really impressive and its really helpful~
    I’m currently on my way to Korea
    I really hope I can find all I need here:)

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