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During my decade teaching in South Korean universities, I taught a whole lot of writing. Beginners, intermediate, advanced. Everything from how to write a basic sentence to 5-paragraph academic essays. For all the details about that, check out these posts:

Teaching Writing in Korean Universities

A Major Frustration of Mine about Teaching Writing Skills

One of my major frustrations about teaching writing was that most of the textbooks I was given by the administration of my university were crap. Although the Great Writing Series from Keith Folse was less terrible than the others, it still wasn’t great.

I guess it mostly had to do with the fact that teaching my students to write a 5-paragraph academic essay was kind of a waste of time. Maybe 1/20 of them would ever have to do that if they went to grad school in Canada or the US or whatever.

The other 19 of them? Well, they’d have to write business emails, a bit of content for a website, a job application form or resume, or a text to a foreign friend. I wanted to teach my students more how to write coherently and cohesively and less about the structure of an academic essay.

Where I Turned for Help when Teaching Writing

Anyway, I did try to incorporate quite a bit of teaching my students to write with style in my classes. When I did, I almost always turned to ESL Writing for help. Unlike most of the other crap out there on the Internet, it was solid. Really solid. I liked teaching it, the students enjoyed learning it and the worksheets were really well done.

So, it was with great happiness when I found out that Rob Whyte (from ESL Writing) pulled together all that awesome stuff on his website into a single book. I checked it out and it’s even better than the website because it’s well-organized into a single book. I only wish he’d done it years earlier when I was still teaching writing!

Teach Essential Writing Skills: Love It!


The book focuses on the following four things:

  • Fluency
  • Proficiency
  • Style
  • Inquiry-based reasoning

If you teach writing to intermediate teenagers or adults, this is your book. The best part about it is that Rob offers a money-back guarantee. Use it for a week and if you don’t like it, he’ll refund your money with no-hassle. But, I think you’ll love it. It’ll make your lesson planning easier when you’re teaching writing because you can stop wasting your time searching here and there all over the Internet for the golden nugget. It’s all there in this book. $9.99 well spent.

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What Do You Think about Teaching Writing?

Any thoughts about, “Teach Essential Writing Skills?” Or, any tips for teaching writing to English learners?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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