Teaching English in a Korean University: How to Get the Job


If there’s anything you can count on me for, it’s this: I’ll give it to you straight and not sugar-coat the hard stuff. If you’re looking for a job teaching English in a Korean university, this is the stuff that you might not want to hear:

#1: It’s Very Difficult to Get a Uni Job in Korea These Days

Everyone and their dog seems to want a university job in Korea and for good reason-they’re prime. Usually a decent amount of vacation (3-5 months), decent pay (2.5 million-ish) and not that many teaching hours. For more details, see: Is my Korean Uni Job too Good to be True?

10 years ago, there were plenty of uni jobs floating around but times are tougher these days. There are simply fewer university age students in Korea and there’s no sign that this will change in the future. And, more and more people have an MA in TESOL so you’re competing against some pretty qualified people.

#2: University Jobs in Korea = Dead-End Jobs

Now, I’m not being a total hater. I myself worked in Korean universities for nine years and had a fabulous time. Who wouldn’t with only nine teaching hours a week and five months of paid vacation?

However, if you want to get a university job in Korea, thinking it’s going to be good for your career, it’s not. That’s the harsh truth. There’s no room for advancement. Employers outside Korea don’t look favorably upon it. Even employers in Korea don’t look that favorably upon it. Koreans mostly think that the job we do is one that anyone who speaks English could do. That should give you some indication of the respect level for foreign teachers in a Korean university.

Aren’t Convinced?

So, despite these two things, you think to yourself, “I still want to get a university job in South Korea.” Well, I can help you. Here are a few resources that’ll get you started down the path towards 5-month vacation awesome.

#1: The Mother-list

103 Things to Do to Get a University Job in Korea:¬†It’s the super-list that’ll get you started. Follow even a 1/3 of the stuff on here and you’ll be well on your way. Level up to 1/2 or 2/3? How could you not get a uni job? Level up my readers! Go!

#2: University Jobs Korea Website

Check out University Jobs Korea. It has all kinds of resources and advice for you, including plenty of excerpts from the book that I mention below. There’s no other website dedicated specifically to helping you get a university job teaching English in South Korea.

#3: Profs Abroad

Profs Abroad

Sure, Profs Abroad a paid site, but it’s also awesome. Don’t waste a ton of time searching for all those job ads when you can get them all in one place. Here’s my review of Profs Abroad for all the details. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose by checking it out. I’ve heard from a ton of people that they found themselves a sweet job through Profs Abroad.

#4: How to Get a University Job in South Korea

University Jobs Teaching English in South Korea
University Job in South Korea

This book is going to be pure gold for you if you’re serious about teaching English in a Korean university. You can get: How to Get a University Job in South Korea on Amazon today. It’s the most comprehensive resource for those looking for a university job in Korea and it’s also something that will save you a ton of time. Get all the information in one single place without looking around all over the Internet for it. In my world, time is money.





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