A Task Based Learning Group Project Idea

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A task based learning group project idea

One of the task based learning projects I like to do is a group poster presentation. Here’s how it works:

Students Choose a Group for their Presentation

The students can go in groups of 1-5 people. I always hated group projects in school, so I like to give the option on going alone (maybe only 1 person/class chooses this, especially in a group oriented culture like Korea). In addition, I hate to make good students take on the burden of going with the terrible ones so this is why I let them organize themselves. My thinking is that the terrible student should have to suffer alone!

Choose a Problem

The students have to choose a problem such as global warming, eating junk food, human rights in North Korea, etc. and make a poster about it that’s worth 1/2 the points. I make the groups choose topics in class so we can avoid repeats. The thinking is that by allowing students to choose their topic, they’ll make more interesting presentations.

Do the Presentation

Then, they have to do a presentation about their poster worth the other 1/2 of the marks. I take off points for reading from a script, and copying from the internet and give points for interesting and clear speaking. Each student in the group has to talk for 1-2 minutes. I don’t time precisely as most students generally follow the guidelines. Basically, I just don’t want the best student in the group to talk for the entire time.


Quite good. The students have done some amazing posters and there is always at least one group in the class who does a fabulous presentation. They seem quite happy and proud of themselves when they’re finished. And not that it’s all about me, but it has been a nice break from being up at the front and doing lesson plans for the week! Anything that can get my students working hard instead of me is just my style.

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What I’ve Learned

I did this assignment before, a couple years ago but I was much more rigid with the groups and made everyone be in a group of 5. This time, by being flexible, it’s caused me much less stress and made it a much better experience for the students as well because they can just go with their friends and don’t have to work with people they don’t want to.

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