Private Language Teaching: Don’t Sell Yourself Short

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Private English Teaching
Private Teaching: You’re worth more than that

Private Teaching is Illegal: I don’t do it!

Not that I would ever do private teaching in South Korea. First of all, it’s illegal unless you have a certain visa type, such as if you’re married to a Korean.

Second of all, I kind of loathe the 1-1 teaching and would rather just have a big class of 40. Thirdly, I hate cruising around the city after my normal working hours, burning the midnight oil and would rather just go home and relax and be done for the day.

For the Love of all Things Good…

But, if you’re going to do it, then for the love of all things good, don’t even consider doing it for free or for a ridiculous pittance! Please just stop that madness right now! STOP—-THE—-MADNESS—-NOW.

Private Teaching in Disguise

For example, a co-teacher or a co-worker asking you to hang out with their kids on the weekend is actually private teaching in disguise. You should be getting paid for this and at least 50 000 an hour to give up your weekend to hang out with kids that are not even yours. At the very least, your movie paid for and a nice dinner at a western restaurant thrown in. You’re worth more than free: never forget it.

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You’re Going to Pay Me WHAT??

And one time, my old university asked me to teach kids on weekends and the pay was 30 000 Won for 2 HOURS! Not 20 minutes. Yes, 2 hours. I’m worth more than 15 000 an hour, so I said no, of course not, that’s just madness. It would have not helped me maintain my serenity now life plan, that’s for sure.

Are they Refugees or Orphans?

Another example is teaching English at a Church. If the students are orphans, abused women, refugees from North Korea, or kids that come from single parents homes, then yes, of course you shouldn’t ask for pay and I definitely would do it for free.

Think about it as your good deed for the week!

But, if they are just regular people who are business professionals, teachers, doctors, or lawyers? Then, yes, you are worth more than free, even if you’re doing it at Church and you should be paid accordingly. I’m not sure that teaching for Jesus is really a thing in an affluent country. You’re just getting ripped off and you need to stop the madness.

Rant is over!

Remember: You are worth more than free!

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What do you Think? 

What is the minimum rate that someone should accept for private teaching in Korea? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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