Korea University Interview: Weekend or by Phone?

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Korea university interview

Are you looking for a university job in Korea but are worried because you can’t make interviews during the week? Then you’re certainly in the right place. I’ll answer the all-important question about whether Korean universities will do weekend or phone interviews.

Weekend or via Phone for a University Interview in Korea

This is a question that I got from a reader of mine:

“Something that worries me is my capability to be able to attend the interviews mid week. I know that my school would have a heart attack if I didn’t show up and there is no way that they would ever give me time to go for interviews.

From where I am now, it takes me over 2 hours to reach Seoul and then God knows how many extra hours to reach the potential interview destination. Do universities do weekend interviews? How about Skype or phone interviews? Any advice you could give me would be appreciated.”

My Answer: Not Likely

You might be out of luck with the weekend/phone interview thing. Most universities are quite inflexible in terms of interview times and will often expect you to drop everything on short notice to attend. If you’re lucky, you may get a choice of a couple days and morning or afternoon or something like that.

Always remember though: the people who are interviewing you are more important and are likelier far busier than you. You’ll most often get interviewed by a panel of 2-5 people so finding a time when they can all get together is a minor miracle similar to the parting of the sea.

Plus, there are lots of you (the interview candidate) to go around so if you can’t attend, they’ll just go to the next person on the list.

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In-Person Rules All for University Jobs in Korea!

Basically, all universities want in-person interviews and if you’re in Korea, there’s almost no excuse that is good enough for why you’d need a Skype or phone interview. And nobody wants to work on a Saturday or Sunday, so I think you’ll have an extremely hard time finding someone that will schedule an interview for those days.

The Solution: Use a Sick Day?

I know your current school might have a heart-attack, but don’t you have a sick day or two in the contract? I hope you haven’t used them yet because that seems like your best option.

Sure, they’ll be a bit angry but it’s your life, you know? Why stick around at a crappy hagwon for longer than necessary just because they won’t give you a day off to attend an important interview.

If they hassle you about going to the doctor, or want to come over to “take care of you,” just tell them that you have the pukes and have to stay near the toilet at all times. That’ll hopefully put them off the trail.

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Have your Say about the Korean University Interview!

Have you heard of universities in Korea offering Skype interviews? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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