How I Got my University Jobs Teaching English in Korea

Uni Jobs Teaching ESL In Korea
How I Got my Uni Jobs Teaching ESL in Korea

How I Got my University Jobs Teaching English in Korea

A common question I get from people is how I got my university job in South Korea. I got my first uni job 8 years ago and things were different back then- it was like almost anyone with a BA, and a year or two of experience at a hagwon or public school could get a job. Someone with a Masters degree was a shoe-in. These days, even people with a Masters and a year or two of experience at a public school are finding it difficult to break in. Anyway, here’s my story.

I worked at a hagwon for a year, went back to Canada to get a Masters degree and them finished up the degree online while working at a much better hagwon. I networked like crazy during that time with the goal to get a uni job when that year was up.

I emailed all the university teachers in my city that I knew, they submitted my resume to the powers that be, I had 2 interviews within a few days, 2 offers and then I eventually chose one. It was kind of the easiest thing ever, but it was only because I had a network of people who helped me out.

Networking is Key!

After working for 5 years at my old university, I got tired of the rice paddies, so I decided to get a job in Seoul or Busan. I went the more traditional route by applying to the job ads I saw on the Internet. I only applied to jobs that were a step-up from my old uni in terms of pay and other benefits so it wouldn’t be a sideways or backwards move. I applied to only 25 of them, although there were probably around 100 places hiring in Korea. I got interview offers at a large number of them, went to a few interviews, got final offers at all the places I interviewed at and then decided on a uni in Busan, which was actually my first choice of city to live in.

An Impressive Application Package is Key!

The Take-Away

Networking, an impressive application package and then being solid at the interview worked for me. For even more advice about getting a university job teaching English in Korea, you need this book: How to Get a University Job in South Korea: The English Teaching Job of Your Dreams. Why waste time searching around on the Internet and asking around on Facebook if could instead just get it all in one book.

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