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You’ve Come to the Right Place for ESL Games and Activities

If you’re looking for some new ESL games and activities for your classes, you’ve come to the right place! I love a good ESL game or activity to keep things fresh and interesting for myself as well as the students. And trust me, ESL games aren’t just for kids, my university students love them as well. We play board games all the time and they really enjoy activities like running dictation or S-O-S.

ESL Speaking + ESL Activities

I have two websites where you can find ESL games and activities for your class. I’ll briefly explain what they’re all about and how you can make the best use of them:

ESL Speaking: ESL speaking has games, activities and resources that are designed to get your students talking. There are details about pair-work, group-work as well as presentations. Everything is divided according to whether you teach children, or adults so you should find the site really easy to navigate. If you’re looking for a textbook for your ESL classes, there are also plenty of recommendations on this site for ones that you should consider.

Check out ESL Speaking if you want to make your conversation or speaking classes even more awesome. Trust me, your students will be happy!

ESL Activities: ESL Activities will save you time, guaranteed. It’s quite similar to the website mentioned above, except it’s focused on ESL games and activities that cover the wide spectrum, from listening, to reading, to writing, to speaking. There are also icebreakers, warm-ups and some 4-skills activities, which are often considered the holy grail! All the activities are divided according to the skill focused on as well as by children or adult so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for really easily.

Check out ESL Activities if you want to keep things fresh and interesting for your students. There are so many activities out there that you can go an entire semester without repeating a single one of the. It really is possible!