Discussion Topics for ESL University Students

Discussion Topics for University ESL Students

2 Discussion Topics for ESL University Students + Lesson Plans

People Use Technology More, Sleep Less

I based this lesson plan loosely on an article from Breaking News English, which is a great site for teachers who want to incorporate some current events into their class. I used it for a 1.5 hour “News Club,” which is a discussion group about current events, but it could be adapted for a class from 1-3 hours. I recommend it for an intermediate level of class.

Renewable Energy Lesson Plan

The article was also taken from Breaking News English and you can find the speed reading/listening parts of this lesson on that site. I’ve used it for anything from a 1-4 hour class. There is a lot of content and information about the general topic of renewable energy, so the sky truly is the limit. It’s best for upper intermediate or advanced level students.

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