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CELTA South Korea
A few years back, I did the part-time CELTA course in Seoul at the British Council and had to wake up ridiculously early 3 times a week to take the KTX from Cheonan. It was pretty terrible, but I was so happy to have that piece of paper when I was done and it’s by far the best thing I ever did to level-up my classroom teaching skills.

I blogged about it while I was doing it and since then, I’ve gotten a ton of emails from people asking if it’s possible to do the CELTA in Korea. The short answer = yes.

The CELTA at the British Council

The latest intel is that the British Council seems to no longer be offering the course. According to their website, the last time they ran a CELTA course was in May of 2014.


The latest intel from the trenches here in Korea is that IGSE (International Graduate School of English) is the only place where it’s possible to do the CELTA in Korea. According to their website, they’re running an intensive, one-month course in January 2016 for around 2.35 million Won.

What about Online?

Although parts of the CELTA are possible to do online, in-person supervised teaching practice and lesson planning is still required, which will be impossible to do in Korea. So, forget this option!

It is however possible to something like this TESOL certification completely online. They are one of the more legit ones out there and offer 60-120 hour online courses or up to 250 hour in person ones.

Online TESOL certifications







How about Thailand or Vietnam?

Although there a lot of places to do the CELTA in South-East Asia, two of the biggest providers are International House Bangkok and ILA Vietnam. They both have a large number of courses for almost any possible date you’d like to take them. All the courses in SE Asia are under $2000, so even after paying for airfare and accommodation, it might be cheaper than doing it in Korea, especially if you’re commuting via the KTX like I did.


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