Asian American teaching English in Korea: Possible?

Asian Americans working in Korean Universities

Asian American teaching English in Korea: It is possible to find work in a university?

“Would being an Asian American reduce my chances of getting a job at university? I’ve heard that most places prefer white teachers above anyone else.”

Short answer = yes, it is indeed possible

During my time working at Korean universities, I have indeed met Asian Americans but not in great numbers. Unfortunately, it does seem like most university admin/school owners/principals have some strange idea that the white, blonde hair/blue-eyed person speaks English better than someone who does not look like that. It’s obviously really racist and terrible, but it’s just the reality in Korea.

Another thing that Koreans think about Korean-Americans or Chinese-Canadians (etc.), is that they will have an accent of some kind and not the “real” accent of the country that they grew up in, even if they were born in Canada or the USA or whatever.

Don’t give up!

However, don’t despair. There are indeed jobs out there and if you’re reasonably well-qualified (Master’s degree + experience teaching adults, documents ready to go, etc.) you will be able to get a job teaching in a Korean university.

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