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A decade ago,┬áit was pretty easy to put away a couple thousand USD every month from teaching English in Korea. This usually involved a combination of the regular day-job and then some private teaching at night or on weekends. These days though, the cost of living has increased significantly while salaries have remained stagnant. Private teaching gigs are fewer than they once were and not many of them pay the 50,000 Won an hour that they used to. If you can save $1000 USD per month teaching English in South Korea, you’ll be doing well.

See: Teaching Abroad = Fun, but not Financially Lucrative for more details.

All is Not Lost, Perhaps?

However, all is not lost. It really is possible to save a good chunk of change while living and teaching in South Korea, particularly if you work at a university where OT is plentiful. This in combination with some frugal living power will help you achieve your financial goal awesome.

The Topic of Today’s Post

That leads us to the topic of today’s post: frugal living South Korea. If you’re looking to put a good chunk of change away for yourself and not waste your time while teaching abroad in South Korea, then check out these 49 Frugal Living Tips. It’s a slideshare presentation so you can get the info, minus the boring.

It includes a lot of stuff including shopping, vacations, work, friends, etc. If you don’t save at least a few bucks in this next week, I’d be completely surprised. Anyway, power on with the frugal living my readers! And I hope that you get at least a wee bit of inspiration from this Slideshare Presentation.
Frugal Living South Korea: What’s your #1 Tip?
Please leave a comment below telling us a few of your top frugal living South Korea tips. I’m sure I missed a ton of good ones!

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