Odd One Out: Warm-Up Game

Odd One Out: A fun warm-up game

This warm-up game is a fun one to get some thinking juices going on in the old brain. It’s called odd one out. The way it works it that I’ll have 7 or 8 sets of words on the board. Body part, shapes, colors and foods work very well.


1. apple/orange/onion/banana
2. ankle/toe/leg/mouth
3. TV/cup/credit card/table


The students have to think about which one is different and why.

1. onion, because not a fruit
2. mouth, because upper 1/2 of body.
3. cup, because it’s a round shape.

I usually put my students into pairs and they have to write down their answers. The first 2 teams with answers that make sense get a prize of some sort.


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