How to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Job Search

Online recruitment is the rave of the moment; most recruiters are interested in hiring people with an active and positive online presence. Although social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be used to improve online visibility, LinkedIn is the favourite social media of professionals. It is free from the noise and distractions of the other platforms. Hiring managers are in the habit of searching a potential employee online lately and the search results greatly influence the final hiring decision.

Almost every student is active on one social media site or the other. They utilize it for carrying out academic research and getting help for their assignment and essays. Paper writing help is good place for high quality paper writing order. Students are now encouraged to be active on LinkedIn and stop waiting for the time they graduate. Here are some ways to use LinkedIn as a tool for job search.

Work on your profile

A LinkedIn profile is like an online CV, so it’s important to create a profile that is impressive. After creating an account, ensure that you complete all sections. Include a profile photo that displays your face clearly. When creating your headline, research about the related keywords in your industry so that you will be more visible. If you are currently searching for jobs, remember to set your privacy setting as public. Educational information, work experiences, previous and current positions with responsibilities should not be ignored in your profile.

Build your network

Establishing good relationships is important for everyone and acquiring sound relationship skills should be top priority. It essential to have meaningful connections on LinkedIn and this can take a considerable amount of time. For starters, you can send out invites to your high school or college mates, family members, friends, colleagues and clients. As time goes on, top influencers and other users from your industry can be connected with.

Follow company’s pages

A great number of brands now have an active LinkedIn presence, apart from a Facebook page. Perhaps there is a company that you have always dreamed of working in, follow them right away. You can also connect with those that are working there. These companies often use LinkedIn to share their basic information, updates about latest products or services and recent job opening. This gives followers the opportunity to stay up to date about them from time to time.

Ask your connections for recommendations

As you keep building your profile, try asking your colleagues, managers, clients and other LinkedIn users for recommendations. Be ready to recommend others too even before you ask them for any favour. The same applies to skills. Recruiters find recommendations impressive and its presence on your profile gives it a professional outlook.

Highlight top skills

While including skills into your profile ensure that the ones you add are the relevant core skills in your career. This will make it easy for recruiters to decide whether you have the needed skills for a particular job. These skills must also be improved on regularly.

Observe professional profiles

Chances are that you have come across some profiles that you find really impressive. Observe them closely to know what they are doing differently that makes them stand out and how they go about it. Once you’ve achieved the knowledge, it can be used as an inspiration for your own profile.