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If you’re looking for a university job teaching English in Korea or anywhere in the world for that matter, Profs Abroad is going to be pure gold for you. It’s a site that compiles only university jobs from the million and one other sites out there so it can really save you a ton of time wading through ads for private institutes and public schools.

For real, it can save you a ridiculous amount of time if you’re looking for a university job teaching English abroad.

Now, the best news you’ve gotten all day. I’m giving away 3 free memberships, but only to those who enter the contest. It ends on August 13th so sign-up now. Bali-bali, as they say in Korea.

And, the next best news. If you share your lucky link and get someone else to sign-up for the contest, you’ll get 5 more entries. Yes, that’s correct. 5 more entries so it’ll be almost impossible for you not to win.

Ready? Click here to enter the free Profs Abroad Giveaway

Free Giveway-3 Profs Abroad Memberships


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